Business Overview
Corporate Philosophy

At Nomula, Inc, we share information and technology with our customers, meet customers' concerns with a spirit of humility, and maintain a desire for self-improvement so that we may grow continually.

Kyoichi Daito, President

Management Policy

We will strive to create new value that customers will appreciate.

  • We will pursue superior products in shipbuilding and other industries to improve our knowledge.
  • We will develop new technologies through industry-academia collaborations and cooperation with customers.
  • We will adopt a forward-looking posture as we aim to build a company that will still be thriving a century from now.
Corporate Vision

We aim to create the world's best electrical technology (manufacturing/sales/design/construction).
We aim to provide our customers with a level of satisfaction that is second to none.

Nomula Values and Work Ethic

  • Victory is producing results that create satisfied customers
  • Align all aspects of business
  • Be honest. Go through the proper channels
  • Once you've made a decision to act, stick with it
  • To maintain the status quo is to retreat
  • Think things through until you see the proper course of action
  • Pursue limitless human potential
  • An inclusive corporate culture
  • Follow your dreams and enjoy yourself while you're at it

Human Strengths

  • Altruism (showing consideration for others)
  • Appreciation (be thankful)
  • Ongoing learning

New Product Development
New Product Development

Welding conventional cable hangers for marine applications onto internal walls causes warping, which requires a great deal of effort to repair. Leveraging our know-how, we conducted joint research with a shipping company to successfully develop a product line that does away with the need for warpage repair. These products have been made lighter and more compact, and are employed in many shipyards, where they have established a good reputation and are contributing to the development of the shipbuilding and marine transport industries.

  • March 1979 - Approval from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai - Cable hangers
  • September 1985 - Design registration (667112) - Sheet bending tool
  • December 1991 - Utility model registration (1880319) - Cable hanger for shipping
Customer Needs

Nomula provides support for our client base of Japanese shipping manufacturers in their goals to realize detailed attention and skillful craftsmanship.

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